Don Bosco

Terms & Conditions of Hire 2023

By making a party booking via this website, you accept the below Terms and Conditions.




Application for hire must be made by a person over the age of 21.

The hirer is not permitted to use the centre for any purpose or activities other than what is indicated on the booking application form.

The hirer must ensure that the number of people attending the centre does not exceed the maximum capacity of the facility (50 people), and that there will be a ratio of ONE person over 21 years of age to every TEN participants under 21 years of age. If a larger event is required, the hirer must call the centre on (02)96230450 to negotiate a booking directly.

Smoking/vaping is prohibited in any part of the centre premises and within 4 metres of all entrances to any building on the property. All alcohol, drugs, illegal items, and fires of any type are prohibited in the centre and on the surrounding grounds.

The hirer must comply with the conditions of this agreement; failure to do so may result in additional fees and charges, and/or cancellation of the booking.

The hirer and their family only are permitted to access the centre 15 minutes prior to the scheduled event time to set up.

The centre reserves the right to make changes to the Terms and Conditions of Hire as required during a calendar year. Hirers will be advised of any changes in writing.


All fees and charges are reviewed annually by the centre and subject to change each year on 1 July. All bookings held after this date will be subject to any fee increase.

The hirer must pay a $50 non-refundable deposit to secure the booking. The remaining hire fee must be paid on the day of the booking upon arrival at the centre.

Cancellations of bookings must be made by the hirer in writing to the centre. 

The hirer is responsible for advising all participants of the cancellations of bookings.

A booking may be rescheduled to a later date at no charge if it is no less than 14 days before the scheduled event.

The centre retains the right to cancel or relocate bookings at any time where the facility is required for the purpose of the centre. In these instances centre will endeavour to provide the affected parties with due notice and offer an alternative date where suitable or provide a full refund of any fees paid. The centre is not liable to the hirer for any loss or damages suffered by the hirer as a result of such cancellation.



The hirer is responsible for ensuring all persons are aware of the inherent risks associated with participating in recreational activities, and that they (or those in their care) participate in activities at their own risk. The centre and its staff are not responsible for any loss, damage or injury to personal property or persons, except where the law requires it.

The hirer must immediately report any accident or identified risk to the centre staff.

The hirer is responsible for familiarising themselves with the Evacuation Plan on display at the centre, including the location of emergency exit doors, before commencing any activities.

The hirer is responsible for checking that all electrical equipment brought into the centre is not damaged or defective in any way. The cost of repair and/or service will apply where failure of the power is a result of the hirer’s and/or their invitee’s actions (eg: use of damaged, faulty or defective electrical appliances and/or overloading the power circuits).

External attractions such as jumping castles, rides, etc. are not permitted in the centre.


While there will be a centre staff member facilitating the event, the hirer is responsible for the conduct and behaviour of all persons attending the event. This includes both inside and outside of the facility. The hirer is responsible for ensuring that all persons attending are familiar and complying with all written signage and instructions of the centre staff. Any participant who refuses to comply with staff instructions will be sent home immediately, and may be declined attendance in the future.

The centre has the right to immediately conclude the booking at the hirer’s expense, and decline future bookings, if the hirer cannot exercise reasonable control over all persons attending or leaving the facility.

The hirer will be responsible for payment of any costs associated with damage, vandalism, or theft of centre property by any person attending the event, including in the recreation area, bathrooms, kitchenette, and foyer. The hirer is responsible for familiarising themselves with the condition of all equipment in the centre before commencing activities; if the staff member determines that any equipment was damaged during the course of the event, the hirer will be liable for its replacement/repair, including but not limited to: $500 for a torn trampoline; $100 for a torn pool table; $50 for a broken pool cue; $50 for an incompleted set of pool balls; $20 for a broken table tennis bat. The hirer will also be liable for any extraordinary cleaning costs associated with stained carpets, etc. Unless an alternate payment method is arranged, these costs will be charged to the credit card provided by the hirer.

Fire equipment provided in the facility is for emergency use only. Misuse of this equipment will incur fees for repair and replacement. Future bookings may also be declined.

All persons attending the event must observe parking rules and regulations. The hirer and their guests do not have exclusive rights to the car park area.


The hirer is responsible for leaving the centre in a clean and tidy condition. Benches and tables must be wiped clean, the carpeted foyer area vacuumed, and any spillages mopped (cloths, spray, and vacuum cleaner supplied). Tables and chairs should all be re-arranged in the configuration they were found.

The hirer is responsible for taking all rubbish home with them (rubbish bags supplied). The hirer is responsible for ensuring that any litter from their activities (including paper, cans, plates) that is left in the car park, building surrounds or yard area is picked up and taken home. A waste removal fee will be charged to the hirer for any rubbish left behind.