About Don Bosco Youth Centre Sydney

Don Bosco (Italian for Father Bosco) is the affectionate name given to Saint* John Bosco, a Catholic priest who worked to educate disadvantaged young boys in the industrial areas of Turin (Italy) during the 19th century.
Don Bosco opened up an ‘oratory,’ which served as part trade-school, part boarding house, playground, and parish, where the young boys could learn useful trades, receive food and shelter, enjoy healthy recreation with friends, and grow in their Christian faith.
To help in his ministry, Don Bosco founded a congregation of priests and brothers whom he named Salesians in honour of the 16th century bishop, St. Francis de Sales, whose joyful spirit of reason, religion, and loving-kindness, he wanted them to imitate. He also co-founded an institute of religious sisters with Saint Maria Mazzarello to perform a similar ministry for girls; they were named the Daughters of Mary, Help of Christians, in honour of the intercessory title of the Blessed Virgin Mary to whom Don Bosco attributed every success.
Today, the Salesians of Don Bosco (SDBs) and the Daughters of Mary, Help of Christians (in Italian: Figlie di Maria Ausiliatrice, or FMAs) continue the work of Don Bosco and Maria Mazzarello in over 130 countries and 90 countries, respectively, serving in schools, youth centres, parishes, and other works for young people in need. The Don Bosco Youth Centre in St Marys is a joint initiative of a local SDB and FMA community, operated with the support of the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta and Penrith City Council.


*A Saint ‘proper’ is a deceased person whom the Catholic Church can confidently assert in Faith is enjoying the reward of eternal life in God, based upon the holiness of their life and witness of loving fidelity to the Lord, Jesus Christ.  


In the spirit of Don Bosco’s original oratory in Turin, the Don Bosco Youth Centre in St Marys primarily exists to provide young people with a place to enjoy safe and healthy recreation among peers, at no cost. Critical to Don Bosco’s vision is the consistent presence of SDBs and FMAs at every session, who aim to promote an environment of mutual responsibility and friendship through reason, gospel values, and kindness.

Recreational activities made available at each session are: two indoor basketball/soccer/volleyball courts; table tennis, table soccer, air-hockey, and pool tables; four in-ground trampolines; and a full sized outdoor tennis court (concrete), basketball court, and volleyball court. There is also a carpeted foyer area with a canteen selling drinks, snacks, and fresh coffee, with table, chairs, and a large aquarium to sit and relax.